Diva Hotel Florence – Florence is the best destination for family, according to Tripadvisor

The ideal destination for family vacations? It’s Florence for Tripadvisor. The “Travelers’ Choice 2011″, which rewards world cities according to various criteria, ranks Florence as the best city for children, better than great European capitals such as Berlin and Amsterdam.

The award from the famous tourist reviews website has been achieved thanks to the many initiatives of Florentine’s museums involving children and adults to explore Florence and its infinite wonders.
An example is the Children’s Museum, housed in Palazzo Vecchio, which enables parents and children to visit the entire building and to relive its history through the revival of banquets, parties and the medieval tale of Medici’s family life in the hidden details. Or the Galileo Museum at the Institute and Museum of the History of Science, where the famous scientist (of course played by an actor) talks about his life and explains to visitors his discoveries and inventions.

During the year many events are designed for kids in Florence, a city that fascinates and entertains all ages. Holidays are coming, why don’t you grant a stay in Florence and make your children happy?
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