Diva Hotel Florence – Florence – London, new flights from Peretola Airport

Florence and London are now closer. Thanks to the cooperation and agreement between Air France and the Florence Airport company, from 10th January 2011 it will be active a new flight that will connect Florence Peretola and London City Airport and it will be made from the famous French airline.
The air route will be offered at 69 € and already in the last days of 2010 it will be made some flights bringing forward the official opening of the service provided by Air France. In particular, these are the dates of those who can be called “flights to preview”: 22, 24, 26 and December 31, 2010, 2, 7 and 9 January 2010.

The agreement and the launch of this new service will greatly facilitate the movement of tourists or business people who will want to go to the English capital and at the same time Florence will be more accessible to British tourists who always crowd the streets and squares of the beautiful Italian city.
Because of its proximity to the airport of Florence, Diva Hotel is closely following the developments of this agreement and it’s ready to offer special promotions and discounts during December and January. Diva Hotel is located in the northwest suburbs of Florence, a few kilometers from the airport Firenze Peretola and it’s well connected to the city center by public transport.

So why can’t you take advantage of this innovation to visit Florence? Diva Hotel offers you the opportunity to stay at reasonable prices… Check availability and prices in the months of December and January and book with our booking online service.